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2012 RAC – The Digital Future of Retail

2012 RAC – The Digital Future of Retail

We were proud to sponsor the 8th annual RAC National Advertising & Marketing Symposium that was held last Thursday, April 19 at International Centre.

It was a great opportunity for retail marketers to get the insights from industry thought leaders on marketing and advertizing trends of the Canadian retail sector.

The hottest discussions were focused on how to create the value for consumers in an ever-challenging marketing environment. Due to the new era of active digital engagement, there are unprecedented opportunities for retails to connect with the consumer through the media channels and interactive mediums such as mobile, email marketing and data driven marketing.

With CiG’s precision|brokerage retailers can now reach over 4 million prospects through email and/or sms and create fast and easy way to connect with the target audience through efficient email and mobile marketing campaigns.

As an exhibitor at the 2012 Symposium we were happy to demonstrate the power of data driven marketing through our innovative retail partner|program and intelligent|view platform. Thanks to everyone for coming and watching our demonstration.

CiG partner and story spinner, Kevin Klein has spent 20 years and counting developing solutions for some of the most prolific marketers in Canada. His out of the box approach to problem solving is well versed in the practical and tactical. Kevin will always make time for an Anthony Bourdain, Farley Mowat or Bob Hunter anecdote. Just ask.


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