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19 Stats that Prove the Power of Data-Driven Marketing

19 Stats that Prove the Power of Data-Driven Marketing

Data-driven marketing is on the rise and a data-driven approach is increasingly being used within corporations. Here at CiG we know the power of data. And we’re on a mission to make it easier for marketers to become data-driven.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of 19 stats that prove the power of data-driven marketing!

Data Marketing Is On the Rise

  1. 69% of marketers anticipate stepping up their use of data-driven marketing over the next three years. (Source)
  2. 74% of marketers expect to increase their data marketing budgets in 2015. (Source)
  3. Spending on marketing analytics is expected to increase 60% by 2015. (Source: CMO Survey)

Marketer’s Approach to Data

  1. 77% of marketers are confident in the data-driven approach. (Source)
  2. For 78% of marketers, data-driven marketing is either embedded or strategic. (Source)
  3. 88% of companies also take steps to correlate data obtained from third parties to further enhance their understanding of each customer and 90% put extensive efforts into their work with third parties to enhance customer understanding. (Source)
  4. 92% of executives agree that integrated data across teams can enable delivery of relevant offers and interactions to drive improved customer service. (Source)

How Data Can Help Marketers

  1. 69% of data efforts are being focused on targeting of offers, messages, and content. (Source)
  2. 53% of marketers say the turn to data-driven marketing to be more customer-centric. (Source)
  3. Respondents ascribed benefits to data-driven marketing such as more accurate (67%) and faster (59%) decisions. (Source)

Data is Good for the Bottom Line

  1. Leaders in data-driven marketing are more than six times more likely than laggards to report achieving competitive advantage in increasing profitability (45 percent vs. 7 percent) and five times more likely in customer retention (74 percent vs. 13 percent). (Source)
  2. Close to three-fourths of leaders say they are seeing increased customer engagement as a result of data-driven efforts. (Source)
  3. Two-thirds of the leaders are seeing new customers as a result of data-driven initiatives. (Source)

Room for Improvement

  1. Only 39% of organizations are capturing significant business benefits—such as improved ROI, increased customer loyalty, or more sales conversions—from acting on customer data. (Source)
  2. 87% of marketers see data as the most underused asset within marketing departments. (Source)
  3. More than 80% of marketers say silos within marketing obscure a seamless view of campaigns and customers. (Source)
  4. Just 50% of marketers routinely apply data-driven marketing to individualize marketing messages and offers to enhance the customer experience. (Source)
  5. Executives are under pressure to become more data-driven in their marketing efforts, with almost half (49%) reporting significant pressure. (Source)
  6. Just a third or so of executives know how to use insights from data to be more efficient (36%). (Source)
Erin Stripe, CiG's Sales & Marketing Associate, is part coffee, part post-it note and all sparkle. Always scanning for the latest insights and research online, Erin's updates will keep you informed.