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intelligentVIEW Software and Services


Web-based insights software that generates 360 degree-view of your audience and markets in seconds.

The new intelligentVIEW premium report module delivering competitive creative and media monitoring insights.

Turnkey, customizable prospecting databases at a fraction of the cost.

Real time competitive monitoring and fully interpreted insights available through a single, customizable interface. Data driven decision making never looked so good.

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Solutions Built For Today’s Marketers

42% of Marketers agree with the statement “I’ve always wanted a single customer view, but haven’t been given the time, budget or IT resources to build one.” (Econsultancy Report, 2015)

intelligentVIEW delivers a 360 degree customer view.

To be competitive in 2016, marketers must take calculated risks without the luxury of time.
(Mobile Marketer)

Developing Better Agency Briefs

During, the briefing process, visualized reporting ensures your audience is described in a clear and concise way.

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“Companies need to generate and share insights across the entire organization on demand in order to speed decision-making and be successful in achieving their goals.”

-Tim Leys, Partner, CiG


Breaking Down Internal Silos

Brand, marketing, product and sales plans all start with a shared understanding of the audience. CMO’s have the unique opportunity to share data and insights across the entire organization to achieve business goals.

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The average number of vehicles per household in Toronto is 1.4 (intelligentVIEW reporting)

Target New Markets

Tight budgets often mean marketers and media planners lack resources to segment existing targets. CiG has a solution.

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