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intelligentVIEW Insights Platform


SaaS profiling and segmentation application.

Real time competitive media and advertising creative monitoring.

A comprehensive marketing and prospecting database.

Data Driven Decision Making Never Looked So Good

Connect your data to 20,000+ attributes available in 28 report modules compared to 109 sub segments to generate customizable, interpreted, visual insights reports in minutes.


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intelligentVIEW Automotive Report

Drive Internal Change with intelligentVIEW 


Break down silos with real time collaboration

Before: Decisions made in silos and presented up to the Executive team.

Today: Every department shares a part of the customer journey, collaboration is critical. Interdepartmental teams need a common understanding of the customer to inform everyday decision making.


Your data + 3rd party data = holistic view

Before: Data was often collected, stored and managed in separate databases, rarely integrated to provide a holistic view. Filling the gaps required expensive 3rd party involvement and integration.

Today: Decision makers need instant access to the right kind of data, presented as insights that are easily interpreted and applied to business and market decisions.


Insights reporting for everyone

Before:  Producing insight reports was time-consuming, expensive and required specialized resources and teams.

Today: CiG has simplified access to insights. No need for multiple contracts with 3rd party data providers, costly in-house IT engagements or dependence on extensive analytics resources.


Speed to decision making

Before: Decision making, informed by silos, was made by Executives in defined business cycles.

Today: Technology has changed expectations on delivery timelines. Teams across the organization need to collaborate, validate an idea or evaluate a new market opportunity in days versus months.

Built for Marketers and Enterprise

intelligentVIEW Customer Insights for Marketers

For Marketing

Increase Marketing ROI

  • Create and update segmentation.
  • Profile new and existing markets.
  • Improve media mix decision making.
  • Real time competitive media monitoring.
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intelligentVIEW Insights Platform for Enterprise

For Enterprise

Speed to Decision Making

  • Corporate wide view of customers      and markets.
  • Collaborative planning in real time.
  • Integrate company data.
  • Apply risk models.
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Solutions Built For Today’s Marketers

42% of Marketers agree with the statement “I’ve always wanted a single customer view, but haven’t been given the time, budget or IT resources to build one.” (Econsultancy Report, 2015)

intelligentVIEW delivers a 360 degree customer view.

To be competitive in 2016, marketers must take calculated risks without the luxury of time.
(Mobile Marketer)

Developing Better Agency Briefs

During, the briefing process, visualized reporting ensures your audience is described in a clear and concise way.

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“Companies need to generate and share insights across the entire organization on demand in order to speed decision-making and be successful in achieving their goals.”

-Tim Leys, Partner, CiG


Breaking Down Internal Silos

Brand, marketing, product and sales plans all start with a shared understanding of the audience. CMO’s have the unique opportunity to share data and insights across the entire organization to achieve business goals.

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The average number of vehicles per household in Toronto is 1.4 (intelligentVIEW reporting)

Target New Markets

Tight budgets often mean marketers and media planners lack resources to segment existing targets. CiG has a solution.

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